Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks - March 5

   For the last couple of years, Paul Henman has organized the Toronto Photo Walks tours.  I joined a walk for the first time on March 5.

   The objective was to tour Riverdale Farm and the Toronto Necropolis.  I'll let Paul summarize it:

   "The wettest walk in quite a while, combined with large parts of the farm and cemetery being inaccessible because of ice, meant we cut the day very short and headed to the pub!"

   It was wet, cold and miserable.  Fortunately, the Vigilant Six-20 suffered no harm from the damp, and delivered great results.

   Sodden horses:

   Musty mildewed wool on the hoof:

   Ah, the romance of rustic animal husbandry!  But enough of the lethargic living, what about the indolent dead?

   Still lolling about in the muck, I see. 

   It really was treacherous.  We had to watch our feet, because much of the Necropolis is on a slant, and it was easy to lose your balance and go skidding downhill on the wet ice.

   Below, the mourners photographers seek shelter to console each other, grieving for their shorted-out electronics and frozen fingers:

   Never mind: I was out of film.  We gathered our remaining strength to begin a quest for warming beverages!

   ... then back out into the wet fog, only to see the dwindling lights of the missed streetcar ...

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