Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Jewel

   A new gift, courtesy of my lovely wife:

   It's a fabulous Kodak Retina IIc from 1954.  An absolutely gorgeous fixed-lens rangefinder from the golden age of 35mm RFs.

   And what a lens!  Incredibly sharp and contrasty, giving beautiful results.

   For moe about these underappreciated gems, see here.  This particular sample was found in an antique store in Cambridge.  It's clearly a "user", but works flawlessly.  It helps that the most delicate bits -- the lens and shutter -- were kept behind the tough steel clamshell.

   The film advance on the bottom took a little getting used to but I can see why this camera was popular with the left-eyed.

   I'll post some pictures soon, but here's a taste:

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